Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ibuprofen and Earbuds

This is a picture of the trail that I ran this morning. I did not take this picture because I was not up early enough to see the sunrise. I decided to sleep in a little this morning and endure the heat for my long run of the week- I wanted to get in 6 miles. I started at 9:30 and it was probably already in the 80s. For some reason my legs, hips, and neck were sore. I don't know if it was because I had run every day this week or something I did at the gym. Anyway, I really wanted to get in my 6 miles so I took some Ibuprofen (something I NEVER do before a run). I don't know why I'm against taking ibuprofen before a run. I guess I think if something hurts so much that I can't push through it, then I shouldn't be running. I made an exception today though and reasoned that it also might help me mentally- that I might think I'm in less pain. Whether it was mental or the meds actually worked, I was able to get through the 6 miles without stopping. I stuck my earbuds in and tried to forget how hot it was. I know 6 miles isn't a very long run at all for many runners, but I hadn't done a long run for a while because of being sick and doing a race last Saturday. So it was a tough run.

Last week I ran a 5k at the same trail that I did my long run. I had been sick all week but I had already signed up so I went ahead and ran it. There were a lot of people and the atmosphere was great! It wasn't my best run, but I was happy with it after not running for several days. And I got a cool medal:

I love running races, especially here because I'm able to meet some people outside of MCA and Redeemer. I'm also able to get a feel for what the running community of the Valley is like. They can't compare to the running friends I had back in Tennessee, but I hope to get into a good group around here.

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