Monday, October 31, 2016


So it's been over a month since I've posted and I'm trying to remember the important stuff that has happened. Cross country season is now over. We had three fun and exciting meets. The first two meets were against larger schools, but we still did really well. This past weekend we went to Waco for the state championship. It was about a 7 hour drive, but God kept us safe and we had no mishaps on the road. The atmosphere at the race was exciting and I am so glad that the kids got to experience a state meet race. They did their best, but they raced at 2 in the afternoon and it was about 88 degrees. No trophies were brought home, but I am so proud of their hard work and perseverance this season. They are truly a great group of kids who encourage not only their own teammates but other runners too. I think they did a great job of representing Christ this weekend and that it was truly matters.

Here are a few pics from the meets:
Now that cross country is over, I have a little more time to run on my own and get ready for my half. However, basketball season is starting which I feel will consume most of our lives. It is also elementary soccer season which I have reffed two of their games. This was definitely out of my comfort zone as I know nothing about soccer. But now I know a lot more than I did and actually enjoy reffing...and playing it too when I get the opportunity.
God has been so good to me, but unfortunately I have not returned His blessings. I am not in His Word as much as I should be and I know it. Please pray that I would stay focused on Him and study His Word and pray often. The only reason I'm here is for Him and I don't want to forget that no matter how busy I get.

That's all for now!

October Newsletter

Happy Fall! I hope those of you who get four seasons are enjoying the fall weather. It is getting a little cooler here (meaning low 90s instead of in the hundreds), but I am starting to miss the changing colors of leaves and the crisp mornings of fall. However, I am still loving it here. I’m getting to know the students and staff a little better, and I am getting into a routine.
We are finishing up the 9th week of school. It has gone by fast. I’ve started teaching some nutrition lessons to the middle and high school during PE. This has opened my eyes as to how much they don’t know about food and their bodies. They seem to want to learn, and I have so much to teach them!
I want to thank everyone who donated to the cross country team. I have received $245 and the team is able to compete in three meets! The first one was on October 8th. They did really well and the girls’ team even got third place! I am so proud of them and look forward to seeing what more they can do. They will compete in the state championship in Waco at the end of this month so please pray for safety during travel and for the runners.
As for life outside of MCA and Redeemer…I’ve gotten to enjoy some nice runs, walks, and bike rides. I like to swim when I can too. I plan to run the South Padre Island half marathon in November. Thank you for the prayers, encouraging letters, and financial support. Each of you is such a blessing.
In Christ,
   Corinne Schmidt