Saturday, September 24, 2016

The God I Know

What was I waiting for
I came alive when I let go
All I had was a broken heart
Then He held me in His arms

-lyrics from "The God I know" by Love & the Outcome

If you haven't heard this song, you should definitely listen to it. One of my all time favorites right now. So this week started out pretty rough. I was exhausted Monday and Tuesday and couldn't seem to get my energy back. Thankfully, God gave me my strength back after a lot of sleep. This made Thursday and Friday much more enjoyable. Last night was Senior night for the girls on the volleyball team. Unfortunately they lost the game by 2 points but it was their hard effort that mattered- they played better than I had ever seen them.

Today I ran my first 5k race in the valley. I've decided that racing down here is different because you are not trying to see who is the fastest runner, but who can run best in the Texas heat and humidity. The race started at 8 am and it was already about 85 degrees with a heat index of 96. Besides the heat, the race was a lot of fun. Melinda (one of the other intern staff) and I were the only white people and instead of having bagels and granola bars after the race, they had breakfast For some reason I didn't really want a taco after running 3 miles in the heat...

I got to experience an amazing night of prayer and worship this week too. It was a simulcast called Cry Out and it was basically three hours of group prayer and singing. I only got to attend for an hour, but it was so cool to feel God's presence and to know that thousands of other people were praying at that exact moment. This night really helped to remind me of what a great and powerful God we serve. He is sovereign and in complete control of everything: the election coming up, wars going on in all the world, violence taking place in our own neighborhoods...God has complete control of all of it. It is so easy to worry and fear, but commands us not to fear. He is with us and He cares for us, and we can have peace and strength in that.

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